Hello and welcome to Design by Streetlight!  I’m Stephanie Fowler, born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, associating words with colour since I opened my first box of crayons and coloured all over my bedroom walls at the tender age of 3.  Sorry Mom!

 This blog started on a dare.  I was insanely inspired by the fashion illustrations popping up all over Pinterest, and my husband bet me if I could create ten of my own, he would help me start a blog for them.  Three months later, DBSL went live.  Originally started as fashion illustration, over time I’ve begun delving into other parts of the world that grab me – architectural features on buildings, challenges with perspective, and hours of experimentation with watercolour, marker and coloured pencils.
I would paint for ten hours a day every day if I could.  Inspiration hits me in every waking moment, from the strains of a song, to the shadow of leaves on pavement, to the sound of the rain and the people on the streets. I believe to be an artist is to have the gift of magic in you.  Haven’t you ever looked at a piece of art and wanted to be a part of the lives lived inside of it?  That’s my wish – to create that for the world.
Why Design by Streetlight?  I just…like them.  They’re romantic, and magical and make me dream of what life is like for the rest of the world.


My best friend and biggest supporter is my husband, Frank.  If not for him this site wouldn’t exist, but site aside, he’s always been the one encouraging every step of my creative journey.  When I’m not painting I devote a lot of time to my other passion – capoeira.  This is how I met Frank actually.  It’s a Brazilian martial art that’s been around for about 400 years.  Fascinating history and even more fun to watch – if you’ve never heard of it, imagine breakdance fighting and you might be close.

Thank you so much for stopping by and please say hello!  I am always happy to check out other artists work – so if you’re aspiring, established or anything in between, send me your link!  I am always open to opportunities to work with new people and I love getting creative.