Brazilian Heat: A Wild Success

Wow – what a weekend.  Or rather, what a crazy last couple of weeks.  We’ve known about this event since January.  I agreed to take part early on as a dancer back in February, thinking it would be a great opportunity to push out of my comfort zone and get into killer shape for the […]

Sweet, sweet September

Finally, finally life can slow down just a little.  I write these words having just returned hours ago from Vancouver following three intense weeks of capoeira which culminated Sunday in receiving my next belt.  I feel good.  I was exhausted and just breaths away from tears most of Saturday evening, but I’ve worked so hard […]

Lilacfest 2014

Hello!  On a not related to art in the slightest post, I made it into the Calgary Sun this morning for our capoeira performance yesterday down at Lilacfest!  We had  an awesome time out there, my group paired up with my husband’s.  We actually train in two separate capoeira groups.  Long history behind that, but ultimately […]