a mid-summer’s July


To quote the white rabbit: “Goodness me!  I’m late I’m late I’m late!”

The last two weeks have been unintentionally spent travelling from coast to coast in Canada.  My dad, sister and I ventured out to Regina beach the last weekend in June to spend some time with my mom’s side of the family.  Late nights, a lot of wine and many healing tears ensued.  Sadly, the day after we got home we received the news that my grandfather on my dad’s side had passed away.  So the three of us hopped on yet another plane to New Brunswick, where my dad is from.  It was another emotional and fascinating week seeing so much of my family, meeting relatives I knew nothing about (but look so much alike!) and revisiting my dad’s old stomping grounds.  I hadn’t been to New Brunswick since I was 16, and didn’t know when in life I’d make it back.  We got home last Wednesday.  I had one day to clean the house and try to make amends with the cats before Frank and I headed off to BC to visit his parents for the weekend.  But now I’m home!  And relishing in it.

This lady was born out of a number of small endeavours.  The 2015 Calendar more so than any of the ones previous to it came together in bits and pieces.  It was the first year that I sketched out ladies and then went back to add backgrounds onto them.  This one appeared in one of my more casual sketchbooks one morning when I came upon a Pinterest tutorial on gradients for skin tone.  I think that post used copic markers, and I have prismacolours, but it was valuable in any event.  Her beachy background was added much later, in early December once I had determined that I did indeed want to make a calendar after all.  This year (every year…) I’m determined to be a little more on the ball with getting a calendar out.  I haven’t attempted fashion illustration style at all this year though – it’s been all architectural drawings.  I am happy to report my comfort level there is increasing drastically each week.  I almost always get a drawing done in one shot now.  I was drawing a gazebo over the weekend and without much overthinking was able to continually adjust the scale of it until it was right in my mind’s eye.  That felt pretty good.


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2 Responses to “a mid-summer’s July”

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your Grand Fathers passing. It is really nice to hear that you got to spend so much time with family and visiting far away places. I hope your summer is going awesome so far!

    I can’t wait to see an Architectural calendar for 2016 ;)
    I think it will be a big hit!!

    • stevie says:

      thanks for the kind words!
      I’m pretty excited to do an architectural calendar too. The added advantage is with all the regular sketching I’ve been doing, it’s feeling less daunting all the time! Still trying to decide if I should keep it to architecture in Calgary only, or just go with whatever I’m moved by :)

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