with grace and gumption…


Oh wow I blinked and nearly three weeks went by.  Blog revelations be damned.

Actually, this lovely lady fits in nicely.  I’ve asked myself previously what my intent is with these fashion illustrations of mine.  I would not consider myself a ‘fashionista’ of any sort.  I am not looking to give anyone fashion advice.  I have my own look down – I lean toward clean classics that suit my frame but I don’t stray too far from the comfort zone.

Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society recently launched a three part video series on dressing for your best self.  What spoke to me was her down to earth approach to things.  She wasn’t trying to sell getting out and spending thousands of dollars on the big ‘it’ pieces.  She preached looking within, identifying your own strengths, likes, dislikes, what you see as your own problem areas, and went from there.  I will come right out and say I sat with pen and paper on hand through her free videos.  I even went and tied a ribbon in my closet to identify my favourite pieces of my own wardrobe, to figure out further where my closet could use some slight tweaks.

Shortly after launching that series, she mentioned over Instagram that she might be looking for a fashion illustrator and for interested parties to get in touch.

Dear Hilary…I don’t that I have done your cherubic face proper justice, but here I am – reaching out to you!

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2 Responses to “with grace and gumption…”

  1. What is this ribbon idea? Sounds interesting!

    • stevie says:

      I think you might like it! Tie a ribbon on one end of your closet. After you’ve worn an item, move it to the other side of the ribbon. Essentially it’ll encourage you to use different items of clothing in different combinations, and also to figure out which pieces in your closet you avoid and why. I’ve been all about cleaning out my closet this year to get rid of the ton of clothes I had and didn’t wear – it’s been really refreshing (although I think at this point I may have over-purged :)

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