Lilacfest 2014


Hello!  On a not related to art in the slightest post, I made it into the Calgary Sun this morning for our capoeira performance yesterday down at Lilacfest!  We had  an awesome time out there, my group paired up with my husband’s.  We actually train in two separate capoeira groups.  Long history behind that, but ultimately I think it’s awesome because it brings two groups together and we can share more energy!

Hope the weekend was a great one for everybody! I’m sitting in my study painting on my Monday off and it feels fantastic.  I have a few pieces under my belt to share in upcoming posts, and a few personal revelations I’ve been making along the way.   Happy Monday!

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2 Responses to “Lilacfest 2014”

  1. Excited for some personal revelations…details please! haha. I am such a snoop :)
    Congrats on The Sun feature, very cool. Sad to have missed the performance this year

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