Happy Birthday Design by Streetlight!

Can’t believe it’s been one year! Sans the last two months of infrequent blogging, sorry about that! We are midway through our South East Asian adventure now. I woke up in Hong Kong this morning and tonight we are crawling into bed in Kuala Lumpur. I have a travel sketchbook with me with 50 pages that I am determined to fill before we get home. I’ll be sure to post highlights once we get back to Calgary.

It’s been a solid trip so far, lots of capoeira and beaches and fabulous people. We’re on the final leg now and it’s just Frank and I for the last ten days. Thanks for reading and checking out my work this last year, I look forward to bringing you more and more! Talk soon!


This is my first time creating a full blog post from an iPhone, hope she uploads alright!

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